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Community Growth Intern (part-time)

At Kinder we're looking for a part-time Community Growth Intern to join our team.

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About the job

This role will require someone who is passionate about growth marketing and ambitious for scoping, hunting and creating mutually beneficial partnerships for Kinder and the charities we work with. The Intern would be part of the research team and work closely with the Research & Partnerships Manager.

The main responsibilities are to work on charity acquisition - growing the pool of charities that are partnered with and closely collaborating with Kinder. As this is a new role, you will have the flexibility and responsibility to develop new growth strategies and processes. Weekly and daily tasks include consistent outreach and sales, assisting in researching relevant charities to onboard, introduction meetings and interactions with new charities, collaboration with charities for the onboarding process.

Main responsibilities

50% Charity Acquisition

  • Growth of the pool of charities available on our donation platform
  • Acquisition of new charities via creative and effective means
  • Develop innovative growth strategies and processes
  • Keeping track of growth processes and numbers for learnings

35% Onboarding

  • Creation and maintenance of efficient onboarding processes for charities
  • Maintenance of Kinderweb (internal CRM system)

15% Operations

  • Maintenance of Kinderweb (internal CRM system)
  • Keeping partnership/communication alive by stimulating interaction between charities and Kinder content team 

Start Date: Jan/Feb 2022
Time: approx. 15 hours per week
Duration: 6 months
Pay: Dutch Intern salary

About you

  • Background in social sciences and an understanding of international development, international relations and/or the charitable sector

  • Relevant degree
  • Commercial and sales skills
  • Project management capabilities
  • Demonstrated ability to work independently, including the ability to organise, plan, and prioritise tasks
  • Proven ability to build strong partnerships and work collaboratively
  • Problem-solving skills; ability to diagnose issues, see patterns of problems and demonstrate ownership in driving solutions
  • Takes initiative and can work independently
  • Excellent command of the English language
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Driven by ambitious growth goal
  • Have a Burgerservicenummer (BSN) or can apply to one for the duratin of the internship.

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